Crypto Factor Token

Crypto Factor Token (CFR) is a deflationary token planned for launch on DMC that will form an integral part of the Crypto Factor entity ecosystem. The fair launch of CFR will feature as an initial CFR/DFI pair on one of DMC DEX’s.

Asset backing for CFR will be deployed providing insurance for every token with an increasing reserve of DUSD showing the commitment and belief of Crypto Factor to DeFiChain. CFR tokens can be swapped for DUSD from the reserves at any time creating a “DUSD Standard” for CFR.

CFR will support staking allowing holders to receive rewards in CFR, DFI, and DUSD. All of the rewards will come from trading commissions and real revenue with no additional inflation.

The Crypto Factor Platform generated revenue will be split into several streams with the majority being dedicated to the purchase of DUSD on the DEX and directing it to the asset backing treasury increasing the baseline price of CFR. Another part will be used to buy tokens and transfer them as rewards to the staking pool generating real yield

The tokenomics of the CFR token will introduce a nominal tax for buy and sell transactions on the DEX where a part of the tax will be used to buy DUSD and add them to the asset backing treasury with another part being used to provide rewards to the staking pool.

Full details can be found in the Whitepaper